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Apr 112014

 •  Connecticut ex-Governor Rowland has let me down hard.  I supported him through his first brush with the law years ago, which resulted in jail time.  I did so because I then believed he didn’t do anything that bad that others at his level were also getting away with, and because his take down was politically motivated.  I supported him post-incarceration as he slowly came back into prominence in the private sector, seemingly doing good things.  But this morning’s Waterbury Republican headline says “ROWLAND INDICTED”, in very big letters, for 7 counts of breaking election laws in two separate elections since his release from prison.  Like the last time, dollars were involved.  Fool me once…

 •  A troubled teen goes on a stabbing spree within a school, injuring 22 innocent people.  Ok, so when do the cries for National Knife Control begin?  Shall I turn in my steak knives now?  Will restaurants soon be required to serve their steaks already cut into mouth size chunks?  Will the bedding in our homes be periodically searched by the police for shivs?  If “No” to any of the above, why not?  Come on – let’s get those knees a’ jerkin’.

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national knife control

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Apr 112014

This post provides background for my post in the Occasional Blips box on this site’s home page (reposted below) and Twitter regarding the recent school stabbing spree injuring 22 people.  I note that I have very few “followers” on either platform, but here’s what could not be said in 140 characters. The post and tweet were [...]

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Apr 062014

Here’s my first post on apps on my mobile devices, currently an iPhone 5s and an iPad Mini (first release).  No attempt at a full blown app review is intended, I just report what features I use and consider important. My all time favorite app for IOS is GoodReader.  I started using it on an iPod Touch [...]

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